Cultural Heritage of Small Homelands
International Academic Partnerships
The NAWA Programme

Project Coordinator
Prof. dr hab. inż. Józef Hernik
University of Agriculture in Kraków
Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying
Department of Land Management and Landscape Architecture
Balicka 253c, 30-198 Kraków, POLAND
Phone: +48 12 662 41 54
E-mail: jozef.hernik[a]

Vice Project Coordinator
Dr inż. Maria Walczycka
University of Agriculture in Kraków
Faculty of Food Technology
Department of Animal Products Processing
Balicka 122, 30-149 Kraków, POLAND
Phone: +48 12 662 48 02 mobile +48 660 877 129
E-mail: maria.walczycka[a]
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ul. Balicka 253c
12 662 41 54
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